Boating can be a great luxury or a great expense. Boat insurance in Florida is very
affordable with our boat insurance markets. Do you have the right coverage? Your
boat can be rated replacement cost, agreed value and actual cash value. Make sure
you have coverage for your family and people on your boat have coverage for their
medical bills.  Let one of our licensed agents shop your rate with our
many boat
insurance carriers
and save you money. We go one step above and explain boat
coverage to our clients
to make sure they make a right informed decision when
changing carriers. We want to be your agency for life!
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How do I get started?
large boat / yacht and some Floridians have a small fishing boat. Each boater has a different need and use for their boat. We want to talk
to you and tailor a policy to suit your needs and lifestyle. Did you know that you can add your boat liability to an existing umbrella. Do you
know how to do that? These policies are very inexpensive and a great value for all Florida boat owners. When purchasing Florida boat
there is great Information on all the lines of Florida Insurance we offer.
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