Florida Condo Insurance
Florida Condo Insurance Information
Florida condo insurance is a must have when you decide to purchase a condo in this
beautiful state. Whether you are buying a unit to be closer to the beach, the night life or you
just want a nice place to retire, protection is important. Recent changes in weather seem to
make Florida a popular destination for tropical storms and hurricanes. While these natural
disasters are unwelcome, if you have great condo insurance you can weather the storm.

Cheap Condo Insurance
Finding cheap Florida condo insurance is easy. The first thing you need to do is decide how
much coverage you need. Remember, the more you insure the higher your premium. You
can also get cheap coverage by raising your deductible. Although this will mean more out of
pocket expense, it can save you big money on a monthly or yearly basis. Get quotes before
you make this big purchase.

Next input your information to receive a condo quote on our website. You can complete the
long condo form or the short condo form.
Click here for the for more information on getting
your condo quoted. In Florida you need to make sure that you have flood and hurricane
coverage. Make sure you are covered if these disasters strike.

When you are looking for quotes, make sure you emphasize the fact that you have smoke
alarms, fire extinguishers, and burglar alarms in your home. These features should get you a
better deal. Florida agents sometimes offer discounts to seniors, non-smokers, and people
who have more than one policy. Also request the master policies wind mitigation inspection.
If this is available it may result in savings on your condo insurance.

Condominium Insurance Coverage

When deciding how much Florida condo insurance you need, consider the value of the
contents of your home. Condo policies differ from house insurance because you will not
need to insure the structure of the building you live in. The condominium association should
have a master policy to cover the building and common areas shared by all tenants.

As you are deciding the value of your belongings, you will also need to decide if you want
actual cash value or replacement value coverage. Although actual value policies are
cheaper, they take into account depreciation. If the appliances in your condo are 15 years
old, it is going to cost significantly more to replace these items in case of a flood or fire.

Replacement value coverage will pay a benefit equal to the amount it will cost to replace the
items. Depending on where you live in Florida, the expense to replace your household
belongings will vary. If you rent your unit, Florida condo insurance will be similar to renters
insurance. You can insure the furniture and basic equipment against fire, theft, vandalism or
natural disasters.

Who Needs Condo Insurance

If you live in a condominium, you need Florida condo insurance. Not only will you need to
insure your own belongings, you may need loss assessment coverage also. If the
condominium incurs a large loss in property, most by-laws state that a proportion of that loss
will be assessed to tenants of the building. Since there are many other hazards that can
occur, make sure you have coverage.

Young families, people getting ready to retire or already retired, and landlords need Florida
condo insurance. Build into your budget enough coverage to make sure you can replace
those essential items needed to take care of your family.

If you are getting ready to retire or you are enjoying your golden years, you also need great
Florida condo insurance. In FL people live in these types of homes to enjoy the peace and
tranquility of life and not worry about home maintenance or upkeep. Make sure all of those
valuable antiques and collections you have in your condominium are protected with excellent

Finally, landlords who rent their Florida condo also need content and liability coverage. If
you rent your unit furnished, in case of a fire, flood or natural disaster you will be responsible
to replace the items lost. If you use this as a source of income, you will want to make sure
you can get your unit up and running so the rental income loss is minimal.

Florida condo insurance is a smart buy for anyone living in this wonderful relaxing state.
Educate yourself about the different types of policies and how much coverage you actually
need. Anyone who owns a condominium needs home protection in Florida. If you want to
enjoy the beaches and golf courses without worrying about your belongings, take the steps
needed to find Florida condo insurance today.
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