Florida Renters Insurance Information
Florida Renters Insurance Quotes and Policies Here
Florida Renters Insurance Information
This is on of the most common questions residents will ask is if the insurance is expensive.
This is a very open ended question. Some factors that will come into play to determine the
monthly premium of your insurance policy are; The apartment or Condo size, the value of
your household possessions, the locations of your residences(are you in a flood zone, close
to the beach, etc). These are all very important factors in determining the cost of the
insurance. Typically in Florida, renters insurance ranges from $20-100 per month.

What does Florida Renters Insurance Cover?
Renters insurance in Florida are designed to cover your belongings in the event of loss
either to damage or theft. Also, Renters insurance will cover the costs if an individual is hurt
or injured while are your condo or apartment. It is estimated that only 25% of renters have
renters insurance! Crazy?!

The Coverage of your personal possessions, such as TV's, computers, etc are covered
under the insurance industries jargon called “Content Coverage.” Content Coverage
protects your belongings in the case of fire, lighting, hurricanes, explosions, smoke, etc.

Where Do I Purchase Renters Insurance in Florida?
Depending on where and who you rent from, often insurance agents will contract with
apartment complexes to provide renters insurance to the residents at a reduced rate. If this
is the case your office at the complex would have the contact Information and this will provide
the lowest rates. If this does not apply to you, then the best bet is to speak with realtors.
Realtors often know who the best insurance agents in the area are. The reason to visit a
local insurance agent is that they will know what type of renters insurance to provide to that
area. Often times speaking with a customer service rep over the phone with a large company
will not lead you to the BEST insurance for your situation. The goal is to have the least
amount of insurance with the most amount of Coverage, this will provide you with a low
monthly premium with the Coverage you deserve and require.

None of My Neighbors Have Renters Insurance, Why Should I?
If this phrase applies to you  then you are the majority. It is estimated that only 25% of
renters have Renter insurance in Florida. More than likely you will never have to make any
claims with your insurance but the same applies for car insurance and to some health
insurance. Remember, insurance is just that, insurance against if a certain event happens.
So hopefully you will never need the insurance but in the small chance you do you will be
extremely grateful you have renters insurance. This is one of the main reasons why many
renters do not buy renters insurance, because no one else does. While the risk is ultimately
up to you, here we strongly advice purchasing renters insurance.
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